Basement Re-Construction 5/10/07

Fernando compacting with the manual machine due to the tight spaces.

Compacting behind the old fireplace.

Christian moving the staged rebar to another location.

Rebar against the walls and on the floor.

Ray conferring with the DuPont inspector as he checked the compaction of the soil.

Carmen moving the rebar from the pile by the fence to the basement.

Compacting the east side of the house. Soon Christian will be able to easily get to his trailer.

Everyone has a job to do. The masonry guys working on the egress wall, Christian squeezing epoxy into the rebar holes, Carmen helping him.

The guy in the white T is the inspector who has to watch Christian and Carmen squeeze the stuff into the holes for the rebar.

3 projects going on simutaneously each in its own area.

Fernando moving dirt with a shovel to fill in the smaller spaces.

Christian filling in rebar holes with epoxy.

This is back breaking work.

The first row of block in the egress.

Chris squeezes and Carmen puts the rebar in the hole.

Dirt was brought in to finish compacting the areas that had been dug out. That big machine really made my half acre look small.

Then they had to spread the new dirt and tamp it down.

Carmen doing the big squeeze.

The far wall in the egress. The block layers have to get the wall all around up to 4 feet so the inspector can check it off.

Mixing the concrete slurry.

Here you can see the mixing part of the drill.

After using the drill to mix the concrete, he used a shovel to get the stuff along the sides of the wheel barrow to mix in better.

This is the sewer pipe that Ray put in when the backfill was high enough. The inspector had to inspect it before it could be covered. The inspector was impressed and had never seen a double whammy sewer clean out before. Of course, I never did either. But if there is an obstruction and you kinda know where it is you can snake it towards the street or toward the house. Pretty cool!

Carlos and Fernando putting the dirt back into the big hole they had made.

The first 4 feet of block is up. The dirt is still exposed.

This shows the whole 4 ft while the worker contemplates his handiwork.

Carlos getting his exerciser with the compactor.

The space was too small to use the big remote controlled compactor.

Carlos using the hand compactor while Fernando smooths the soil.

All kinds of activity going on.

The rebar is stuck into the floor and the concrete block walls with epoxy called grout or is it grout called epoxy.

Oh, well, here is a close up of the grout in the floor.

Christian posing!

This is not even all the grout that was used. I counted 6 used tubes in the trash and they were not done yet.

You can see where the original egress stairs used to be. They have to fit the cement block under the original wall.

The beginning of the egress wall.

4 feet up and ready for inspection.

The beginning of the first four feet of the new egress.

Another view showing the turn so the ladder at the end will be outside the ring beam.

upright rebar

Another wall of vertical rebar.

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