Basement Re-Construction. 5/11/07

With 2 yellow strings going from corner to corner making an X we were able to find the center of the dome.

Christian had to lengthen the garage side of the original footing and the front of the house to square it up but it worked.

Just showing all kinds of activity happening everywhere.

The 4 ft height of the egress wall waiting for an inspection.

Taking measurements

Tying rebar

The rebar cage is one of several cages that will become one of several columns around the basement.

Pouring concrete into the holes in the concrete block wall. The outside of the wall also had to be waterproofed.

Poking the air out of the concrete.

Another view of the rebar cage showing the first horizontal row of rebar.

Adding water to the concrete slurry for the block holes.

Draining cement from the cement mixer.

A better view of the concrete draining from the mixer.

The egress wall waiting for completion this weekend and another inspection Monday morning.

The original egress end

The wall closest to the street where the water (on the left) and sewer (on the right) come into the house. The wood is to make the forms for the columns.

One corner of the basement.

What's left after a hard day of work.

Tools locked up (black box in foreground)

Bees in one of my trees.

The easier to see side of the bees this morning.

This evening the bee's shape changed from the morning citing

This is the branch of the mesquite that holds the pile of bees.

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