Basement Re-Construction 5/12/07

This morning Ray and Christian got busy and measured where the batter boards would go. This one is on the east side of the house looking towards the neighbor's stick house. I think the batter board looks like a low to the ground horse rail.

This is the batter board on the east side seen from a different angle. In the background

Looking from the north is the north side batter board and our motor home in the back ground south of the house.

This is the batter board on the west side of the house. It got stuck into the original garage area. In the background is Christian's trailer and Ray's equipment trailer with the Frog Pond, TN underground dome painted on the side.

Looking east showing the spider web effect of the yellow string to hold the measurements Ray and Chris came up with.

A different view of the egress from the basement.

This is where the broken cement from the driveway and front walk ended up making the duck pond look more natural.

The left end of the duck pond with the canopy keeping it shaded.

Looking across the center of the duck pond towards their 'beach'. It's shallower where even the chickens can walk in and cool off.


The concrete block guys came to work this morning to finish putting up the egress wall.This is looking down from above.

It's coming right along.

Christian is playing with his string again while Marcos looks on.

It's getting taller.

The pile of bricks is getting smaller and they have pre-waterproofed the blocks for the wall.

Looking at a blank block wall instead of the uneven cement stairs that used to be there.

What a difference a few concrete blocks can make.

The egress seen from the basement door.

A deep dark cavern

From above the old egress and new egress look look a long tunnel.

From above you can see the waterproofing and the blocks that didn't get waterproofed. This is the end that will have a built in ladder gonig up the inside.

This is the side from above.

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