Basement Re-Construction May 14, 2007

Orange marking tape tied on everything that could be a hazard.

Marcos mixing a bucket of cement.

The vertical rebar was bent inward and outward.

Ray using his transit and Christian doing his part.

Close-up of Ray and his transit

Chris doing a little digging while his dad Carmen tells him how far according to the stick he has.

The egress wall is almost finished waiting for its final inspection. That gap is where the ring beam will go.

The top of the wall is waiting for the concrete slurry to be poured in all the holes of the block

Ray and the county inspector

Ray and John Foster, the county inspector, trading information.

Marcos scraping the floor after blocking in the holes where you can see the fresh cement.

Better view of the new block meeting the original block from 30 years ago.

Looking at the end of the of the egress.

Pouring the cement slurry into the cement block holes.

The other guys who were helping left leaving Marcos and Christian to finish filling the holes themselves.

Marcos filling his bucket at the mini cement mixer.

May 15, 2007

Carmen and son Chris leveling the area where the ring beam will be.

Looking down on Ray, Christian, and Chris Cave the electrician. Now it is even more important to call Christian by hes fuul name There are too many Chris's on this project!

Christian is working on a box that will cover the rebar for the columns that will be poured in a few days.

Marcos making a frame to raise the egress wall at the ring beam area a bit higher.

Chris Salvatore laying down the framework for the ring beam.

Carmen Salvatore working on one of the column frames. Marcos is measuring to make sure it is the right size.

Carmen is 71 years young and not afraid of hard work. I'm sure he is getting quite an education. It's a far cry from his vocation of upholtserer.

One of the column frames is in place and Marcos is getting more wood for yet another frame. The stairs are from the original . The County inspector wants them replaced because he doesn't think they are safe. They are not as sturdy as in the original location but I'm sure there is something that Ray could do to make it sturdier.

Marcos handiwork to make a mold for the concrete filling he had to do.

2 ducks and 4 chickens enjoying the coolness of the water. That's a duck egg in the foreground. It's kinda hard to see due to the sunlight on it.

Good grief! I must have been holding the camera crooked. The street is really flat and level not on a hill.

The work day is done and equipment is ready for a new day.

If you look closely, you'll see little square cut-outs half-way up the sides of the column forms. These are for the electrician to thread the smurf tubes through as he prepares to put in the electrical stuff.

The 3 forms on the north wall.

The rebar cages on the east wall have their forms made but not screwed in place. You can almost see how the north and south wall columns are across from each other to hold the concrete beams that will cross the basement ceiling.

2 of these columns are ready for the cement pour but the 3rd one is still waiting for its mold.

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