Basement Re-Construction May 16, 2007

Part of this stack is what the electrician dropped off Tuesday night. He had to work on his day off yesterday so the stack just sat there. The tubing is color coded: orange for low voltage and blue for high voltage.

They are putting up the ring beam forms

Marcos & Temo learning from Christian the proper way to set the forms.

Little by little they are getting the forms up.

Christian is holding measuring tape to make sure the form is sitting at the 25' mark. Marcos is holding one of the metal stakes, Christian is putting his stake into the stake hole and Temo is ready to pound it into the ground.

Temo pounding the stake, Marcos holding the level, Christian holding the metal stake

An overall view of the building site. The forms are up on the far side. Matt (in black) taking a water or gatorade break. He's digging out the footing area.

These guys are 3/4 done setting the forms in place. Ray mans the transit to make sure the top of the form is at the level it is supposed to be.

Matt is using a small jack hammer to dig down the few inches Ray wanted.

Matt loosens the dirt with the small jack hammer then uses the shovel to clean out the loosened dirt.

They are in the home stretch; just a short ways to go.

Matt working on his tan while he shovels out the loose dirt.

Look at those muscles work!

The forms are up.

Marcos fastening one of the stakes to make sure the form doesn't move when filled with the concrete.

The work day is done. The forms are in place.

This shows the front side of the house and the small mound of dirt Matt had dug up.

A close-up of the egress opening. When did the outside of the wall get filled in? I didn't even notice it had been filled in til I took these pictures.

Man, 50' dia. is too big to get into the whole picture. Okay, I couldn't get back far enough.

When Ray saw the trash pick up people, he convinced them to take all the trashy boards that had been against the wall for several weeks. It looks so nice to have it cleared off finally. The bobcat is parked for the night.

Another of the original window well windows outlined with wood. The wood is the depth the shotcrete will be.

I was trying to show the work Matt had done but it didn't show up to well. The water hose lopped over the form stakes has a big hole that needs to be fixed. The Batter Board is clearly marked with the orange tape.

A much better view of Matt's handiwork.

A close-up of the re-inforcement of the ring beam form.

May 17, 2007

Temo digging the ring beam today.

He did about the same amount as Matt did yesterday--approximately 1/3 the way around.

Ray is watering the inner circle to compact the soil some more.

End of the day. The ring is around 2/3 dug.

The south side of the ring. The dirt that was dug out has been smoothed out.

Work in the basement consisted of finishing the forms for the columns and fastening them in place.

The smurf tubing has to be put in place before the columns can be poured.

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